Care Team

The Nation’s Leading Medical Transportation Company

General Manager
Speedy Bailey – (808) 487-4900

Administration Manager
Anna Paro – (808) 487-4900

Education and Training Manager
Dory Clisham – (808) 487-4900

Education and Training Assistant
Monica Cobb (808) 487-4900 ext 124

Non-emergent Ambulance Transports:
24 hour Dispatch: (808) 531-0477

Event Standbys:
Dory Clisham – (808) 487-4900

Operations Managers

Andy Ancheta – (808) 487-4900
Oahu Operations

Curt Morimoto
Maui County Operations
(808) – 871-2153
(Maui, Molokai, Lanai)

Karlson Pung – (808) 961-9677
Big Island County Manager

Tito Villanueva (808) 639-3819
Kauai Operations

Medical Director
Oahu, Maui, Big Island, AMR Air – Dr. Elizabeth Char, M.D.
Kauai – Dr. Robert Conrad, M.D.



Dispatchers – Our Communications Center is as critical to saving lives as the EMS professionals in the field. Designed to meet the unique needs of our community, our dispatchers have the capability to ensure timely and medically appropriate responses.

EMS Billing Dept- AMR’s comprehensive billing program is aided by one of the nation’s most advanced EMS billing systems. The system is designed for electronic data exchange with payers, enhanced data security and compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards. Our company’s national compliance program provides a level of resources unsurpassed in our industry. Any questions concerning billing, call the billing/records/claims number at 1-800-228-7601